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HELLO! You have probably already encountered how difficult it is to find a HIGHLY PAYING job for girls in our country. Especially if MONEY is needed urgently, WITHOUT EXPERIENCE, education or useful connections. Often in your hometown there are physically no options for a decent EARNINGS. How then to PROVIDE your desires and needs? Working as an escort model in Europe with short trips of 2-3 weeks gives you the opportunity to travel and earn money. We founded our agency because we also once wanted a new iPhone, dress beautifully, RELAX by the sea, be independent and INDEPENDENT. You can join us! Fill out the FORM or write to us in any messenger to afford everything you WANT!

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Working as an escort model:


The agency has been in business for 14 YEARS. We have experience in organizing more than a THOUSAND successful tours. We provide 100% confidentiality and safety. Personal information is securely protected, and our own security service is always ready to help on site.

Great Income

Our girls ALWAYS earn from 1,000 euros per day. We invest our resources in the career start and are interested in financial SUCCESS, creating all the conditions for comfortable cooperation: daily payment, high tips, gifts, and bonuses.


Each girl is assigned a PERSONAL assistant to help in any situation. This is a round-the-clock personal assistant representing the girls' interests and helping even with small household issues. Therefore, you can do without knowledge of a foreign language.

  • Requirements and Conditions:

    • AGE 18-25 years old
    • NO EXTRA weight
    • NO investment required
    • ANY city
    • NO experience or language skills required
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  • Работа для девушек

    Work in Paris

    Tour (working trip) for 20 days or more.
    Hourly pay.
    Daily payments.
    Accommodation in LUX apartments.
    Flexible schedule.
    Assistance with passport and visa.
    Income up to 20,000€ per tour.
    Hourly pay.
    Daily payments.
    Accommodation in a hotel.
    Assistance with passport and visa.
    Income up to 10,000€ per tour.
    Details will be discussed after the interview.

    Работа для девушек

    Working in Milan

    Тур от 15 дней.
    Hourly payment.
    Payouts daily.
    Hotel Accommodation.
    Assistance with passport and visa.
    Income up to 10.000€ per tour.
    Details based on the results of the interview.

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  • Модель


    "I HAVE NEVER KNOW A SINGLE HISTORY GIRLS, whom the agency somehow and somehow cheated, if work is not going on, THEN THERE IS ALWAYS A HUGE DISCOUNT, More precisely, they don’t take anything at all in the end !!! I'm sure this is the best agency!"



    "I was in December. I really liked work , the dispatcher is polite, if you need something will help. And most importantly, the clients, the French are all well-groomed and pleasant men. WITH Would love to go again!"



    "Recently finished the tour, very pleased with this agency, the work was, the conditions good, it was my first tour and it turned out to be very successful!) The agency made nice gifts for the end of the tour) A very loyal attitude even towards those girls who, for their own reasons, fly home ahead of time! I observed such a situation! Personally, I liked everything, I will definitely go there again)"

  • Модель


    "I'm from a small town in Ukraine. The family never had money, it was my time to help my mother. I filled out a form on the website, wrote to me on WhatsApp Lika, quickly agreed on everything. After 2 days I was already living in the center of Kiev , while we were making a portfolio. They gave me pocket money for 50s a day, I had never seen so much before)) The trip turned out to be extremely successful in the end, it brought the family's budget for six months))"



    "Hello! Here I am writing as I promised) I passed the border without any problems as you promised. Tomorrow I will go to the bank, I will finally close the mortgage!!!! I plan to go again in December.



    "Good agency. I found out through a friend, she went 2 times, she didn’t bring less than 6000 euros in 2 weeks. I was scared to go the first time, but my personal manager helped with everything, was constantly in touch, prompted. I felt like a princess) ) About Paris is a different story, it's better to see it once! I'll definitely go again. I've already earned money to study at the university, I need to solve the issue with housing) I recommend it to everyone!"


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